Immigration laws in Canada are quite lax as compared to other first world countries. This is due to its constant need for immigrants to fill labour shortages and take over from the aging population.

Immigrating to Canada from the US can be through one or more of the following reasons:

●Work- The categories of visas for workers who wish to immigrate to Canada include express entry for skilled workers, startup visas for entrepreneurs with job opportunities and self-employed people working in cultural or athletic activities. There are different application requirements needed for each type of worker.

●School- Students need to have a study permit and an acceptance letter from a reputable Canadian higher learning institution. Needless to mention, they should also possess a valid passport in order to be eligible.

●Family Sponsorship- Relatives who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada are also allowed to sponsor their immigrant relative to permanently live, study and work in Canada. They can do this by submitting an online sponsor form expressing their interest, with potential sponsors randomly chosen by the Canadian government and asked to complete their application.

Changes in Recent Years

There has been a huge upsurge of US citizens who want to immigrate to Canada. This has been blamed, in part, on the unstable US economy which has led many people to go looking for greener pastures in Canada. The election of President Donald Trump in the US has also played a huge part in the increase of immigration requests to Canada.

As a result, Canada has changed the focus of its immigration policy from seeking highly educated professionals to skilled workers able to make a contribution to the labour force in the shortest time possible. There has also been a changes in the express entry points system for skilled workers, with additional points awarded for good French skills and having an 18+ year old sibling living in or is a citizen of Canada.

While getting legal representation in immigration matters may be costly to some, what matters is that you are able to make a successful immigration application. Due to the various categories involved in Canadian visa application, having representation from a lawyer well versed in Canadian immigration law works in your favour. They’ll know how to present your case effectively and navigate specific visa requirements that may too complex for the general public.

Canadian immigration authorities do not necessarily require you to have a lawyer present when dealing with them or making a visa application. However tempting it is to represent yourself or use an amateur, it is always advisable to use a lawyer. Due to their extensive legal knowledge and experience, immigration lawyers will help you avoid these mistakes by making sure that all the information you provide is accurate based on your type of case. They’ll also ensure that you’re making the right type of immigration application so that you don’t waste your time and risk your application being denied. Having a straightforward application means that your visa will be cleared faster.

Every immigration application made has legal implications that can cause you and your family serious repercussions if not handled properly. However simple it may be, it is easy to make a mistake in the application process and an assessment of these by Canadian authorities may mean that you are denied immigration status.